Giving Back

The vitality of San Francisco neighborhoods has a lot to do with the small businesses that take root, sprout, and grow, intertwining with the people who live and work there. When people shop locally, the whole community benefits. Small businesses provide goods, services and employment opportunities for local residents, and these businesses also give back to the community.

From The Good Life Grocery's inception, we have been dedicated to the Hills that we call home. From local school fundraisers, holiday strolls and a thousand Halloween tricksters, to a record breaking Bernal Heights Outdoor Cinema and the immensely successful Potrero Hill Festival and Bernal Heights Fiesta, we sponsor and donate to many community projects and events. Our Scrip Gift Certificate program donates 5.0-7.5% of purchases back to San Francisco schools.

We are always planning and plotting ways to keep our incredibly energetic community spirit alive, our streets safer, our schools better and our special small businesses open and flourishing.

Thank you for supporting The Good Life Grocery and all the other locally-owned shops that keep San Francisco vibrant, strong, and unique!
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